Tolomatic High Force Actuators from Scott Equipment Company

In the past, hydraulic power has been the go-to answer for heavy lifting.  Hydraulics are rugged, relatively simple to deploy and provide a low cost per unit of force.  Typical industrial cylinders typically have bore sizes ranging from one to eight inches and can push up to 55 tons of force.  But today, Tolomatic high force electric actuators can push up to 50,000lbs!

Tolomatic RSX electromechanical actuators are extremely competitive with hydraulics in terms of flexibility, precision and reliability. 

Below are 5 advantages of a high force electric linear motion system.

  1. Tolomatic Electric Actuators ApplicationsMaintenance. Hydraulic systems require more maintenance than electromechanical actuators. Because hydraulic systems use fluid to operate, hoses, fittings, and seals must be consistently monitored because they wear out and leaks can be very costly depending on the application environment.  Replacing hydraulic components takes time and money.  Electromechanical systems eliminate these possible failure points.
  2. Total Cost of Ownership.  The initial costs of a hydraulic system may be low, but over time operating costs add up:  disposal costs, replacement components, down time all add up to increase the cost of a hydraulic system.  Because an electromechanical system is much simpler, there’s less overall maintenance on the system reducing overall lifetime expenses.
  3. Process control.  Electromechanical systems are programmable and flexible.  They are capable of high speed, high force, and high accuracy.  Electromechanical systems allow the user to program the actuator to provide a specific amount of force, position and accuracy.  In addition, electromechanical systems allow you to monitor the health of the system from a power consumption perspective and monitor the system allowing the user to proactively maintain the system and prevent downtime before it becomes an emergency.
  4. Flexibility.  Today’s manufacturing environment requires machines to be flexible.  Making changes needs to be quick and relatively simple.  Electromechanical systems can be quickly changed either programming or simply replacing the electric actuator with one with different dimensions.
  5. Reliability.  Tolomatic RSX electric linear actuators are extremely reliable and designed for millions of cycles.  In addition to long life designed into the Tolomatic Electric linear actuators, fewer parts mean fewer things to break.  Hydraulic systems typically have a larger footprint including a larger axis of motion, power units, cylinders, tank heaters and exchangers.   An electric system includes an electric actuator, motor and drive that is connected to the machine’s control panel.

Tolomatic recently introduced its RSX128 electric linear actuator capable of 50,000 pounds of force. It is equipped with all the high quality, long life features of other actuators in this family—it is just bigger. That includes Endurance Technology advanced roller screw design, internal anti-rotate feature and lubrication access port, Your Motor Here program, IP67 option and mounting options.