Learn More about Tolomatic Electric Linear Actuators

As technology improves, things that were not possible even 10-15 years ago are now possible.  For a long time, electromechanical actuators were not able to create the same high forces that hydraulic actuators can produce.  Now, Tolomatic electromechanical actuators can push upwards of 50,000 pounds of force making them a viable replacement for hydraulic systems. 

Tolomatic high-force electric linear actuators can manage extremely large loads and provide significant advantages over fluid power systems:

  • Press applications in automotive and heavy manufacturing—Pressing applications such as punching, piercing, riveting, clinching and stamping are unique in that they require high forces over a short travel distance and low force over longer travel distance. In particular, electric press actuators can adjust speeds and forces for actual force throughout the motion profile instead of the constant force of a large hydraulic actuator. This gives more precise speed, position control and repeatability.
  • Timber cutting and sawmilling—Positioning large trees and logs for sawmill and cutting operations can require accurate positioning at extremely high forces. These applications really benefit from powerful electric linear actuators. This technology has also been used for planers, feed tables, blade position and fence guides. 
  • Injection molding and volumetric piston filling—These applications require high-force push and pull, and the same force throughout the whole stroke. Electromechanical linear actuators provide superior pressure, speed and position accuracy over the entire stroke length.
  • Tolomatic Electric Actuators in Flight SimulatorMotion simulation— Electric linear actuators provide numerous benefits over hydraulic actuators in flight simulator applications including higher energy efficiency, higher uptime and reduced infrastructure. For example, electric linear actuators eliminate the trenches required for hydraulic lines, hydraulic power rooms and temperature controls for hydraulic fluid. Electric linear actuators are also more environmentally friendly since they eliminate the possibility of oil leaks, spills and the need to periodically dispose of used hydraulic fluids. High-force electric linear actuators are now able to provide the force levels, smoothness and dynamic response required for the most demanding flight simulator applications.
  • Metal-forming and tube bending—Tube-bending machines require high-performance linear motion control to achieve the necessary accuracy and repeatability. High-force electric linear actuators help machine builders achieve these goals. Engineers can more precisely control bending-machine operations like tube transportation, carriage movement, mandrel rotation and workpiece clamping with greater accuracy than fluid power systems. Plus, programmable motion control allows machine operators to select recipes for different tube sizes and bending patterns, reducing set up time for different product requirements.

Tolomatic recently introduced its RSX128 electric linear actuator capable of 50,000 pounds of force. It is equipped with all the high quality, long life features of other actuators in this family—it is just bigger. That includes Endurance Technology advanced roller screw design, internal anti-rotate feature and lubrication access port, Your Motor Here program, IP67 option and mounting options.